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"We Never Sell Out"" 

The Food for Free Committee believes nourishing food is a necessity for survival, and should be accessible to all. We look toward to the day when food Is freely shared amongst us, end people are free to give society whatever labor they can. Until that day, the Food for Free Committee dedicates itself to preparing and selling nutritious food as cheaply aa possible. 

For environmental and health reasona, we cook with organic and unprocesed foods. For Instance, in our pies we use honey instead of refined sugar, and tofu inatead of milk and eggs. Tofu is a non-dairy product of soybeans, rich In protein. Delicious and nutritious, variations on tofu pie are among our specialties 

If you're organizing an event, please contact us. We do: 

· issues conferences 

· political rallies and demonstrations 

· dances and fundraisers 

· community fairs 

· events for children 

We will cater to your specific food needs and economic situation, because our food Is for people, not for profit.

Food for Free Committee · Room 306-35 · 1430 Mass. Ave. · Cambridge, MA 02131 · 617-492 4678 
A 1981 flier on our table in Cambridge. 

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