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A. Soup 
B. Salad 
C. Spoons or forks 
D. Bread or Bagels 
E. Soup cooking on propane stoves 
F. Box of fruit 
G. Cutting boards 
H. Handwash with soap 
I. Handrinse 
J. Five-gallon propane tank 
K. Literature table 




Street Theater 

From the very beginning, we saw all our street activity as theater. This induded not only our fbod tables, but also our literature tables, our presence at other people's events, and so on. We recognized chat the personal is political and the political becomes personal, and we wanted to dramatize the reality of our society's militarization by highlighting its social costs and human suffering. We created opportunities to expose these injustices through soup lines; depicting military types holding a bake sale to buy a B-I bomber; offering the "tofu challenge" instead of the "Pepsi Challenge;" and even a silent theater piece in which a person dressed as a papier-mache' missile chased a person in a papier-mache world, threatening to destiny it. 

The only limits to what kind of theater you present are your imagination and your pocketbook. Scenarios have included everything from setting up a food and literature table with some musicians, to full-scale productions with amplified sound, light shows, slide projectors, puppets, and speakers all happening at once around your food and literature tables. Sometimes these events are planned entirely by Food Not Bombs; sometimes they are organized by other groups and we just attend with food and literature. Either way, never forget to include your audience in the performance whenever possible. 


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