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Cooking for large numbers of people can be very intimidating. It is very different to cook a dinner for six at home than for several hundred on the street, but don't be overwhelmed. It can be done, and with the right equipment and a few skills, it can be easier and more fun than you might think. 


The first task is the gathering of a few people who are willing to help with the food preparation, transportation, and serving. These are not jobs to be done alone. The second task is the acquisition of the proper equipment. Most people don't have 5- or b-gallon pots or extra-large mixing bowls in their kitchen. However, most churches do, as do many community centers, food service programs, and restaurants. Sometimes one or more of these organizations will allow you to borrow their equipment; other times, you might have to buy it. Used restaurant equipment stores, going-out-of-business auctions, and rummage or yard sales are excellent places to obtain the necessary tools. 


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