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    The money spent by the world on weapons in one week is 
    enough to feed all the people on Earth for a year. When 
    millions of people go hungry each day how can we spend 
    another dollar on war? If you feel that people need food 
    more than bombs we want you to call us today. The next 
    few years could profoundly change the world for generations 
    and Food Not Bombs is working to make those 
    changes positive for everyone. 

The Food Not Bombs organization is starting several projects in our area: 

* Free food distribution to local people in need. 

* Literature tables to provide information about food, peace and justice. 

* Providing hot meals at demonstrations and events. 

* Organizing creative actions in protest of war and poverty. 

We invite you to work with us to provide desperately 
needed services and information to our community. You 
can make a difference. 

Call Food Not Bombs today at 

(Your phone number here) 

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