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If the police start taking your food and/or 
arresting the servers we found that dividing 
the meal in to thirds and only serving one third 
at a time works well. We put the soup and 
salad in 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids. 
. Tell those people who are waiting for food 
that they are welcome to stay after the first 
food is taken because more food is on the 
way. Let them know that the police are only 
taking part of the meal. This will help calm the 
crowd. If those waiting to eat feel that the 
police are taking their meal the crowd can 
become very angry and give the police a 
chance to start fights with the hungry.

2. After the police have left the area bring out 
more food but still leave some hidden so if the 
police come back you will still have more to 

3. Very rarely do the police come back a third 
time because they are already feeling very 
foolish by the second time. 

4. If the police stay and guard the area you 
can often get them to leave by getting a token 
amount of food and serving. After they try to 
stop the serving a few times they realize that 
it's better to leave the area than stay and show 
that their authority can be successfully 
challenged . 

5. If you continue to stick to your serving 
schedule the government will give up and you 
will build the respect of the people. Don't stop 
because of  the police.

Possible Food Not Bombs Agenda

I. Introductions 10 minutes 

II Agenda review 5 minutes 

III. Scheduling 45 minutes 
(see Cooking Schedule Chart) 

IV. Solidarity 20 minutes 
(Actions that we can bring food to) 

V. Committee reports 30 minutes 

VI. Finances 10 minutes 

VII. Next meeting 5 minutes 

VIII. Evaluation 15 minutes 
(What do you think of the meeting?) 

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